About The WSPA


It all started when…

In 2009 the members in the Whistler Slo Pitch League voted to form a non-profit organization to create a functional, successful community based league for adults wanting to play softball in Whistler.


Our Purpose…

  • To organize the summer season adult slo-pitch leagues in Whistler.

  • To provide affordable opportunities to play slo-pitch.

  • To cultivate community partnerships with local government and business to aid in the development of the league and facilities.

  • To support the organization of additional competitive opportunities such as local, regional, or provincial level tournaments (To grow the sport to benefit the community).

  • To provide learning opportunities so that more people will participate in the sport.

  • To preserve transparency and accountability to the league membership in all activities of the association.


Our Structure…

We have made our best effort to design an association that follows the above mission statement and functions to meet the needs of Whistler’s slo-pitch participants.  To achieve this we have put people in roles that suit their interest and abilities.

Board Members (Directors) – volunteers who sit on the board and make decisions in the best interest of the community.

Staff – paid positions that serve important functions in running the leagues, tournaments, and events.

Committee Members – recruited by Board Members to sit on committees and provide valuable input on key issues.

The vision is for everyone to work together to create a successful league.


Our Team

League Convenor - Alison Jenkins

Alison keeps the league running. She is responsible for the schedule and collecting team fees. She also organizes events and board meetings. When Alsion is not working hard on baseball related matters, she is playing for the Slayers (A) and Tapley’s Master Batters (E).

Head Umpire – Richard Mingotti

Known by his nickname Mingo, Richard organizes all the umpires as well as umpire clinics. He also umpires games most nights. When not umping games Mingo plays in A League for the Wolfpack.


Treasurer - David Dealy

David ensures that all the pennies are counted. He manages our league funds and ensures that the board stays on budget.


The Board

Alex Miyazaki (2019 - 2021)

Alex has been in Whistler for nearly 20 years. Most of that time he has spent playing ball in the summer. He competes in national tournaments and also plays down in Squamish. He captains two teams, one in C Division and another in A division. When he is not playing, he spends a lot of time behind the plate umpiring games.

Blake Allen (2018 - 2020)

Blake currently plays on Mileizers in C division. When he is not playing slo pitch he runs a small business consulting company called Vertical Venture Consulting.

Brian Dixon (2019 - 2021)

Brian has been here since the beginning. He moved to Whistler in 1998 and has been involved in Whistler Slo-Pitch ever since. He play for Sports Stop and Wildwood and also coordinates our annual pitching and women’s clinics

Nic Jackson (2018 - 2020)

Nic has been around the ball park for 5 years. He currently plays on Monday and Tuesday nights and will be a director through the 2020 season.


 We are looking for new directors.


Director terms are for 2-years. Voting will take place during our AGM on May 1st.If you think you you would make a great fit, let us know why you would make a good director.