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During the season, the Whistler Slo-Pitch Association relies on our team of SPN accredited umpires to make sure all of our games are played fairly. We are always looking for new umpires to turn their love of baseball into some cold hard cash. Umpires can expect to officiate over 2-3 games per night earning $35 per game. With great incentives and a competitive bonus structure, this is a great way to earn some extra money over the summer.




To ensure the quality of all games played, the Whistler Slo-Pitch Association requires that our umpires meet a set of expectations. These expectations are specific to the Whistler Slo-Pitch Association so please read them in full even if you have experience umpiring with another league.



Conduct yourself in a professional manner and arrive on time for every game. Wear your SPN ball cap.


At the coin toss, ask both captains if all players on their team are on a SPN roster and if they are playing with pick-ups.



Come to the game prepared with a notebook, pen, clicker and brush.

Wins & Losses

Fully complete the Umpire Log Book after every game.


Pay Structure


Makes some extra cash to cover rent this summer by umpiring games for the WSPA! Our wage calculator is there to show you how easy it can be.



$35 per game
(tax free)


Umpire 25 games - $105 bonus
Umpire 40 games - $210 bonus
Umpire 60 games - $315 bonus

Wage Calculator

25 Games = $980 for 9 nights
40 Games = $1,610 for 14 nights
60 Games = $2,415 for 20 nights


Want to Learn How to Umpire?

Attend one of the clinics hosted by our head umpire.
The cost of this clinic is reimbursed by the league at the end of the season.

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